What makes a 2.1 speaker a Top Choice

One of the sound systems that are mostly preferred is 2.1 speaker. Choosing any sound system may be easy but choosing the best one is what it’s all about. Keep reading to about the finest features of 2.1 speaker that might give you reasons why anyone would go for 2.1 speakers.

What is a 2.1 speaker?

The first number says the number of speakers in the sound system and the second number says the number of sub woofers or bass. So, now we know that 2.1 speaker has two speakers, called satellites, and one sub woofer. The two speakers are usually kept on either side of your PC and the sub woofer is placed anywhere preferred by the user, as long as it is on the base. The satellites produce higher frequency and the sub woofer produces lower frequency.


  • In 2.1 speaker, the sub woofer reproduces lower frequencies i.e Bass extension. Hence it provides powerful bass performance.
  • Low image distortion and interference.
  • Improved sonic directivity and tonal accuracy.

Why 2.1 speakers?

As already said choosing the right sound system is not so easy. But, worry not. Presenting the solid reasons why great 2.1 speaker system is better than the others.

2.1 speaker Vs sound bar

When it comes to sound quality , getting best 2.1 speakers on a market is always better than 2.1 sound bar. Sound bars restrict the stereo spread since it is placed under the TV. Hence it does not provide a wide frequency range. Sound bars may be easy to install and use compared to 2.1 speakers but can never have sound quality and stereo effect as much as 2.1 speakers has. 2.1 speakers, on the other hand, improves imaging and has better placement flexibility.

2.1 speaker Vs 5.1 speaker

One thing about 5.1 speakers is that it gives you a realistic feel like you are actually in the scene, mostly because it has 5 speakers surrounding you each playing its part. But if you want to have a simple sound system that can fit in your desk in a cabin or room, 2.1 system is the right one. It may not give you as much feel as 5.1 gives but you can still have a great listening experience. 2.1 system is also preferred for its low cost and ease of use. If you don’t want additional speakers to take up so much of space and don’t want to hassle with wires. In short, 2.1 system does most of what 5.1 speakers do and so the difference is ignorable.

So now you know why 2.1 system makes itself an excellent sound system for sound enthusiasts. 2.1 system is best for music listening, game playing and all the fun that comes with music. 2.1 system makes it just the way it has to be In its best.

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