Protection of your leather : How to clean Boxing Gloves

How to Clean Boxing GlovesThe boxing gloves are essential need for any boxers. These gloves can either be used during a fighting match or for the training. Selection of the boxing gloves is not a matter of much deal but taking care of them could be a tough task. Once you have bought the boxing gloves, the next step would be to carry out the steps that could help you in making these boxing gloves go for a longer period of time. The most popular question in many threads is the way to find out how to clean boxing gloves. If you are good in taking care of gloves, they will surely last for a longer period of time.

Taking care of boxing gloves is not a complicated issue and doesn’t involve so much complexity. You just need to know the tips that are effective in handling such gloves. The most common issue occurs while using the boxing gloves is the cracking of leather and tackling the smell that comes out of these gloves. Best way is to keep airing your gloves when you have used them and always wash them to avoid smell.

If we talk about the washing of the boxing gloves, it is a simple process. In fact, it a step wise process that requires each and every step to be carried out with special care. Don’t worry if you don’t have idea of washing the leather gloves. In this article we will provide a complete guide on how to wash your leather gloves and how to take good care of them. After reading this article, you will be quite familiar with the process of washing and maintenance of your gloves for a longer period of time. First of all, let’s have a look at the washing process:

As we all know that boxing gloves are different from the normal ones. They are designed, stitched and woven with hand so they need to be washing with hand and very carefully. The outer surface of the boxing glove is made up of leather while the inner surface is usually made up of high density stuff of polyurethane. It is different so there is a special way of washing it with care.

  • Whenever, you are finished with the washing of gloves, always remember that they might be very sweaty. Always open up your gloves after you have finished washing them. Airing is very much important. Always make sure that they be properly aired from the inside to avoid the smell later on after washing. This will make the gloves completely dry Or you can just expose them to air from fan once you have finished washing so that they get right up in order. If you don’t get them aired, they will destroy very soon.
  • You should also use the tactic of febreze. It is technique in which spray is done inside the gloves so that it removes bacteria and make the gloves free from all kinds of infection causing agents.
  • You can also use the technique of ring side for washing the boxing gloves. It is a cheap technique but the one is to purchase a febreze and spray it inside your gloves.

Out of all these techniques, the best one is to just expose them to air and let them dry so that will get the right odor.

The problem you will suffer in maintenance of boxing gloves is derogation.  It occurs because of acid in your perspiration. The acid comes in contact with the internal material of your gloves and start destroying them. Best way to handle this is to wash your gloves with the help of alkaline solution so that they will cancel the effect of negativity of acid from your perspiration.

Next issue you will suffer is the smell of glove. It is not a big issue but smell will always come from your hands after you use them. The best way to manage this is to expose your gloves in the front of direct sunlight. You can also use the sprays that could wipe out the smell coming from your gloves.

These simple tactics can help you to take good care of your best boxing gloves and maintain them for a long period of time without hassle.

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