How to Choose the Best Torque Wrench?

Purchasing a new tool for your workshop or personal use can seem like a straightforward decision. However, as soon as you start looking through the different models you get to realize that choosing a tool like the best torque wrench is a daunting task, after all. Comparing the brands, the application areas and the product features can make you head reel and totally confuses the decision-making process. You need to take into account the following factors at the time of purchasing a torque wrench –

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Product Features

All these aspects will help you to choose the best product which will give you maximum value for money. Every consumer expects a certain value for money and there is nothing wrong in it. So if you buy a tool that is not perfect for the job or does not conform to your highest standards then that purchase will prove to be a burden for you. The torque wrench is the most commonly used tool in the auto industry. It is hard to find a single workshop in the country which does not have a torque wrench along with a spanner and a socket. When it comes to the purchase of great torque wrenches, certain factors can be overlooked to make a wise buying decision. The longevity and the durability are the single most important factors at the time of purchasing a torque wrench. You first need to know how long the product will last.

  • Will it last for only a couple of years or will it work for at least 20 – 25 years?
  • Will the torque give accurate measurements after, say, 1000 or 5000 uses?
  • What will be the total cost involved when you take into account the repairs and the regular calibrations?

When you consider the quality of the torque wrenches, you need to consider the performance of the torque wrench against the International or the Australian standards of performance. Most of the models have an accuracy tolerance for the torque output which has been displayed.


There are many other types of torque wrenches that are available in the market but we have focused only on those which are more commonly used and are in much demand in stores – online and offline. The other important types of torque wrenches include the Hydraulic Torque wrenches and Screen Torque wrenches.  The Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are useful for very heavy loads. All these torque wrenches are readily available in the market but you need to make an informed purchase. You need to determine which tool will suit your application and place an order accordingly. The different torque wrenches vary in accuracy, durability and function. One must remember that a torque wrench is a precision instrument and it is worth investing your time and money in a high quality product. So investing in a quality torque wrench irrespective of the price will prove to be a wide decision. Nobody wants to invest in something that will wear out after a few years, needs frequent servicing or does not do the job properly for which it has been bought. This is your hard-earned money so invest in a tool that will give you good ‘value for money’, will work for 20 – 30 years and will withstand the rigors of regular use. A quality torque wrench must be accurate, durable and is guaranteed to work for many years. In a nutshell, your purchased torque wrench must work till a new model is available in the market which will prove to be a better tool than what you were

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