Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

Emjoi Soft Caress reviewBody hair removal can be a quite complicated task for women who have sensitive skin, specially when it comes to epilating hair in delicate zones where the skin is more delicate and vulnerable to external aggressions. From all the epilators available in the market, very few have the kind of refinement this Emjoi model provides for women, developed with a very precise and fancy design considering in first place your skin and a aftermath free of hashes, irritations and ingrowth hairs. We are going to take a look at this model and know what it offers differently from its counterparts and how much does it worth the acquisition of one this special model.Also we should mention that this epilator has been name by pickmyepilator.com as best epilator on market today

For Sensitive Skins

Is not a surprise a brand like Emjoi would come with a special and caring idea like this one for customers. The brand is probably the one with the biggest number of different epilators and shavers for women out there, so they can take the prize as the one brand that also is more careful with women’s skin on epilating sessions. This Emjoi Soft Caress is an epilator that thinks even the quality of hair removal with the quality of skin comfort.
Many women have very, very delicate skins specially in the intimate zones, and shaving or pulling out hair is really not a beautiful result if they don’t do that making use of the right resources.
We have been talking here about machines that are hypoallergenic, specially shavers because the blades in fact get in real contact with the skin and are mostly metallic. Some skins are not only irritated by Nickel alloys but also can’t tolerate lesser metals. If you are the kind that can only make use of golden or silver earrings because all the rest gives you the most annoying allergies, you probably know that the same goes for shaving and epilating with lesser metals.

Since the hair removal with epilating methods lets the hair pores open, it is just like the earring orifice, an entrance into your body and right in contact with your blood stream, so is not surprise if you get all bloated and with the hashes after epilating.

This Emjoi model is the definitive solution for that. The tweezers are made of pure gold alloys, so anything metallic here is as noble as possible and won’t cause allergic reactions.

Antibacterial Cover

To complement the hypoallergenic feature, this model is also developed with an antibacterial cover. The design of tweezers are developed to prevent bacterial proliferation, the hair won’t be released inwards rather “spit” out. Many epilators grab the hair and pull it in. This model has patented tweezer heads that work in a curvy system, releasing the hair outwards with a little help of centrifugal forces. The interior of the tweezers rotating disc is also designed in a protective shape, it is sealed and is quite difficult to anything fall into it, though the head is disattachable. To clean it up so you can wash with water and soap since the gold won’t get damage at all.

A Delicate Zones Epilator

reviewThis Emjoi model is developed for the hair removal specially on the most delicate zones, like armpits and your intimate zones, including the bikini zone, however the product can be advertised as an epilator that can also be used to epilate your legs, don’t go that easy for that.If you need something specifically for bikini zone have a look at pickmyepilator choice for best bikini trimmer.

The turnaround won’t be that effective for larger areas because the epilator has only 36 golden tweezers. This number provides a slow epilating session, it is not a burden in those delicate zones but can be too much time demanding if you are going to use to cover both your legs.

Power System

One of the greatest things about this epilator is the flexible power system that works both cordless and corded. If you are recharging the product you can still make use of it while connected to the power source. On the other hand, it also works on the go with a battery performance that goes over 2 hours, though it takes around 6 hours to recharge. Even though this ratio of recharging and operating times this is one of the best ones you will ever find.

Note however that this model despite being cordless is not waterproof, you should not use it under the shower or performing wet epilating sessions even if the tweezers head can be washed – when not attached.


This model comes with an exclusive travel pouch, a cleaning brush and a combed head cap to lift up hair while you perform the epilation and an additional cap head to cover and and store the tweezers heads protected from dust. This model costs around $70 out of promotional sale but you can find it already with discounts for up to $50. Is a 4 stars rated epilator!

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